Job Opportunities

Construction of Site C will create approximately 13,000 person-years of direct employment during construction.

How to Apply

Job opportunities with the Site C project are also posted on the BC Hydro, WorkBC and Employment Connections websites.

Thank you for your interest in job opportunities with the Site C project. BC Hydro is committed to creating employment opportunities in the Peace Region and for British Columbians. We understand that mill closures and curtailments have impacted workers in the region.

BC Hydro's Site C Project Team

While contractors will hire the vast majority of workers on the Site C project, BC Hydro will also require employees for its project team located in Fort St. John and Vancouver. Site C project team opportunities will be posted online at, Employment Connections, or WorkBC.

The types of roles we regularly seek to fill include project managers, construction managers and engineers

Site C Contractors

The vast majority of hiring for the project will be done by the companies awarded contracts to build Site C.

Please apply directly to those companies awarded contracts to build the project, as BC Hydro will not be accepting resumes on behalf of companies on the project. However, BC Hydro will facilitate the hiring process by listing the successful companies and their contact information on this page of the website.

Contract Description Contact Information
Highway 29

Realignment of 30 kilometres of Highway 29 in preparation for the Site C reservoir

Various contractors, including:

Eiffage Canada
3455 Landmark Road
Burlington ON
L7M 1T4
Tel: 905 637 0004
[email protected]

Formula Contractors
9157 Rock Island Road
Prince George, BC  V2N 5T4
Tel: 403-837-1256
[email protected]

Transmission Line Construction

Construction of two new 500 kV transmission lines from Site C to the Peace Canyon generating station over a distance of approximately 75 kilometres along an existing transmission right-of-way


For business and job opportunities, please email [email protected] or visit

Generating Station and Spillways Civil Works

Construction of the civil works associated with the powerhouse, penstocks, spillways and power intakes

Aecon-Flatiron-Dragados-EBC Partnership (AFDE Partnership)

Job enquiries: For trade and labour requirements under the GSS Civil Works contract, AFDE Partnership has negotiated a labour agreement with the following unions:

  • Construction & Specialized Workers Union (CSWU) Local 1611;
  • International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 115; and
  • Construction and Maintenance and Allied Workers.

For trade and labour job enquiries, please contact your local union hiring hall. Hiring for supervision, engineering, and staff positions will be done directly through AFDE Partnership's partner companies (Aecon, Flatiron, Dragados, EBC).

Please visit for more information.

It is anticipated that hiring for the GSS Civil Works contract will commence in late 2018 or early 2019.

Main Civil Works

Earthworks required to construct the Site C project

Peace River Hydro Partners job brochure [PDF, 216 KB]

Peace River Hydro Partners

Job enquiries: visit to apply online or visit Employment Connections or WorkBC.

Business enquiries: email [email protected].

Turbines and Generators

Design, supply and installation of six vertical axis, Francis-style turbines, six generators and associated equipment

Voith Hydro Inc.

For trade and labour enquiries: Voith Hydro, through the Construction Labour Relations Association, has negotiated a labour agreement with the Bargaining Council of British Columbia Building Trades Unions, for the supply and installation of the turbines and generators for the Site C project. For job enquiries, please contact your local union hiring hall.

For staff job enquiries: visit to apply.
Worker Accommodation

Design, construction, partial financing, operation and maintenance of a temporary work camp located on the north bank of the Peace River

ATCO Two Rivers Lodging Group job brochure [PDF, 214 KB]

ATCO Two Rivers Lodging Group

Job enquiries: email your resume to [email protected] or visit

Health services for the Site C project workforce at Two Rivers Lodge, the worker accommodation camp

The Project Health Clinic provides Site C workers with access to primary and preventative health care and work-related injury evaluation and treatment services

Halfway River International SOS Medical Ltd.

Job enquiries: email your resume to [email protected] or visit