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Jobs & Business Opportunities

Construction of Site C will create approximately 13,000 person-years of direct employment during construction. Site C will also provide business opportunities from the Peace Region and the rest of the province.

Business Opportunity FAQ
  • One of BC Hydro’s project objectives for Site C is to provide lasting economic and social benefits for northern communities and Aboriginal groups. In order to achieve that objective, BC Hydro is working with Peace Region communities to ensure opportunities are available for regional companies, and is investing in trades training programs to increase the skilled workforce in the region. 

  • One of BC Hydro’s project objectives for Site C is to provide lasting economic and social benefits for northern communities and Aboriginal groups. One of the tools that BC Hydro will use to achieve that objective is the evaluation of Aboriginal content in bidder’s responses.

  • Construction of the Site C Clean Energy Project started on July 27, 2015, and is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

  • There are a number of actions you can take to stay informed and engaged about upcoming business opportunities associated with the Site C project:

    • Sign up to the Site C business directory. By registering for the business directory, you will stay informed about the overall project status and schedule, and receive notification about procurements.
    • Register for BC Bid and familiarize yourself with their processes. They are your source for active procurements.
    • Attend project information meetings and business-to-business networking sessions once procurement activities have started. This will be an important venue for contractors to meet with local and regional suppliers and potentially form partnerships.
  • There are three ways you can keep informed about Site C procurement opportunities. They are:

    1. Sign up to the Site C business directory and receive email updates about procurement.
    2. Register on BC Bid, as all Site C procurements will be posted on this site.
    3. Go to the procurement update and procurement forecast pages to see the latest procurement opportunities on the project.
  • You can sign up online. Simply fill out the online form and you will be added to the directory.

  • BC Bid is an online service where you can access B.C. public sector bid opportunities and bid results.

    There is no charge to browse BC Bid and you do not have to register to visit the site. You can search for bid opportunities or bid results by category (goods, services or construction), by organization, or by several other search criteria.

    For each bid opportunity, you will find a summary description of what the buyer is looking for. The notice may also include the complete bid document that you can download for review, usually at no charge.

    You may also choose to register as a supplier with BC Bid. Once registered, you can sign up for an email service that will notify you when a bid opportunity specific to the goods or services you supply is posted.  
  • There are downloadable guides available on the BC Bid website. You can also call the BC Bid Help Desk at 250-387-7301 (Victoria) or contact Enquiry BC and ask to be re-directed to the BC Bid Help Desk at:

    • 604-660-2421 (Greater Vancouver)
    • 1-800-663-7867 (elsewhere in B.C.)
    • 604-660-2421 (outside B.C.)
  • The procurement approach for Site C includes a variety of work packages and procurement models that will provide opportunities for businesses of all sizes. The procurement approach consists of a number of large contracts for the major project components and multiple smaller contracts for supporting activities.

    Upcoming and current Site C procurement opportunities include: hydro-mechanical equipment supply contract; powerhouse bridge crane supply contract; Highway 29 realignments; transmission and substation. Contractors have been selected for site preparation activities, public road improvements, worker accommodation, main civil works and turbines and generators.

  • Yes. The Site C project will provide significant opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. One of the best ways to stay apprised of opportunities is to sign up for the Site C Business Directory.