Procurement Forecast

Upcoming Site C procurement opportunities include: hydro-mechanical equipment supply contract; powerhouse bridge crane supply contract; Highway 29 realignments; transmission line and substation.

Contractors have been selected for site preparation activities, some public road improvements, worker accommodation, main civil works and turbines and generators.

The timing for Site C procurements is summarized below (subject to change).

Generating facilities

Component Procurement model Timing
(subject to change)
(subject to change)
Generating station and spillways civil works PDF  108 KB DBB RFP issued: September 26, 2016
Preferred Proponent: December 21, 2017
Contract award: March 2, 2018
2018 - 2023
Hydromechanical equipment PDF 143 KB Supply contract RFP issued: February 6, 2017
Contract award: April 2018
Supply: 2018 - 2021
Powerhouse bridge and gantry cranes PDF 107 KB Supply contract RFP issued: July 18, 2017
Contract award: February 19, 2018
Supply: 2018 - 2023
Balance of Plant* Design build/DBB mix Issue RFP: summer 2018
Contract award: summer 2020
2020 - 2024
Equipment Supply Contracts** Multiple supply contracts RFPs issued: throughout 2018 Supply: 2019 - 2020

*The Balance of Plant contract includes the installation of mechanical and electrical water-to-wires equipment, protection, control, and other systems, and provision of mechanical, electrical and building systems. It is also anticipated to include the provision of miscellaneous items, structures, and completion of the building interiors to the finished state.
**The Equipment Supply Contracts includes generator terminal equipment, AC and DC service switchgear, standby generators, large valves, P&C panels, generator circuit breakers, etc.).

Supporting works

Component Procurement model Timing
(subject to change)
(subject to change)
Highway 29 realignments Multiple DBB MoTI public tenders: 2017 to 2019

Early highway sections: 2017 to 2019
Final highway sections: 2019 to 2021

Transmission line: Construction PDF 170 KB DBB

RFP issued: September 15, 2017
Contract award: March 2018

2018 - 2022
Transmission line: Supply of conductors PDF 170 KB Supply contract RFP issued: September 8, 2017
Contract award: January 2018
Supply: 2018
Site C substation: Construction PDF 170 KB DBB

RFP issued: June 21, 2017
Contract award: February 16, 2018

2018 - 2019

Site C substation: Supply of various high-voltage equipment PDF 170 KB Blank contracts Winter 2017 Supplied from 2017 - 2018
Supporting activities Varies Varies Varies