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Jobs & Business Opportunities

Construction of Site C will create approximately 13,000 person-years of direct employment during construction. Site C will also provide business opportunities from the Peace Region and the rest of the province.

Direct Award Contracts

Direct awards are a procurement method where contracts are awarded without an open (public) and competitive process. They are used to procure lower value work and to address urgent or specialized needs on the Site C project. They also create economic opportunities for Indigenous businesses.

We’re committed to following a rigorous process for all our procurement activities for Site C, including direct awards.

Since construction began on the project in 2015, 90 per cent of contracts have been awarded through open and public bid, compared to 10 per cent through direct award.

Annual Direct Award Amounts

Since July 2015, the total value of competitive bids on the Site C project is $10.4 billion, compared to about $1.2 billion for direct awards.

Below shows the annual amounts allocated through direct award contracts since 2020.


Direct Award Amount (CAD)


$112 million


$159 million


$176 million


$225 million

Engineering Services

Direct award amounts include BC Hydro’s sole source contract with AtkinsRéalis (formerly SNC-Lavalin) and Klohn Crippen Berger for necessary engineering services.

AtkinsRéalis and Klohn Crippen Berger were awarded a contract to provide design services for the major civil structures of Site C because of the firm’s local and international experience, historical knowledge, and design accountability dating back to the late 1980s.

This contract was signed in 2011 and goes until the end of the project, with annual releases awarded in the form of purchase orders. The current value of the AtkinsRéalis and Klohn Crippen Berger contract is $424 million.