Training and Apprenticeship


BC Hydro recognizes the importance of hiring locally. To help increase the availability of local labour, BC Hydro has invested approximately $1.5 million in a number of skills and trades training programs.

  • $1 million to Northern Lights College Foundation to support trades and skills training through the creation of student bursaries.
  • $184,000 to Northern Opportunities for the creation of a school district career counsellor position to help students transition into trades and career training.
  • $100,000 to the North East Native Advancing Society to support trades training under its North East Aboriginal Trades Training program.
  • $175,000 over five years to Northern Opportunities for its pre-apprenticeship program.

For a list of positions that may be available throughout the duration of the project, please visit Jobs with Site C.


The nature of the Site C project, with an almost decade-long construction period, lends itself to providing training and apprenticeship opportunities for young workers and individuals new to trades.

BC Hydro is working with contractors to identify and increase apprenticeship opportunities and participate in regional workforce training initiatives. BC Hydro requires Site C contractors to comply with provincial government policy for Apprentices on Public Projects in B.C. This policy aims to increase the total number of employer sponsors in the province which will provide more opportunities for apprentices to gain the skills and experience needed to become certified in their trade.