Environmental Assessment

In October 2014, the Site C project completed a rigorous and independent environmental assessment by the federal and provincial governments, which included a Joint Review Panel process. The conclusion of the three-year environmental review was that the effects of the Site C project are justified by the long-term benefits it will provide.

Environmental Assessment Process

The Site C Clean Energy Project (Site C) received environmental approval from the federal and provincial governments in October 2014.

The approval of the project followed a cooperative federal-provincial environmental assessment process by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA Agency) and the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO). The process started in August 2011 and took approximately three years to complete.

The environmental assessment process for Site C was thorough and independent and included multiple opportunities for timely and meaningful participation by the public, Aboriginal groups, all levels of government, and other interested stakeholders.

As part of the environmental assessment, BC Hydro undertook multi-year studies to identify and assess potential project effects and proposed comprehensive mitigation measures. All of this information was documented in more than 29,000 pages in the Site C Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and associated documentation. The extensive review process included two months of public hearings in several regional and Aboriginal communities under an independent Joint Review Panel.

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