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Construction Activities

We're committed to providing Peace region residents, businesses, communities and Indigenous Nations with information about Site C construction activities in a timely manner.

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Highway 29

winding roads of Highway 29

Connecting the community of Hudson's Hope with the Alaska Highway and Fort St. John, Highway 29 winds along the north side of the Peace River in northeastern B.C.

When reservoir filling begins, which could be as early as fall 2023, the Site C reservoir will widen the Peace River by two to three times on average, covering parts of the old highway.

In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, we've realigned segments of Highway 29. Construction started in 2018. With the opening of the new Halfway River bridge in March 2023, all realigned segments of highway have been opened to traffic.

The work involved designing and building approximately 30 kilometres of highway. In addition to the Halfway River bridge, new crossings have been built at Cache Creek, Lynx Creek, Dry Creek, and Farrell Creek.

Work has included:

  • Geotechnical, environmental, and archeological studies
  • Improved highway alignments, including grading, paving and bridge construction
  • Geotechnical stabilization works
  • Moving electrical and phone lines to accommodate new highway construction
  • Decommissioning the old highway (ongoing)

There may be some minor delays on Highway 29 as decommissioning or outstanding work is completed. Drivers should slow down and obey all traffic control personnel and signage. Get the latest traffic updates at

Highway 29 realignment segments 

Highway 29 map
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Cache Creek Bridge
The completed Cache Creek Bridge.

Segment length: 8.5 km
Construction: 2018 to 2023

Complete: We’ve built a new highway alignment and new Cache Creek Bridge, which opened in December 2022. We’ve also built an embankment on the easternmost portion of this segment.

Cache Creek Bridge - dual language signA dual language sign on the new Cache Creek Bridge.

The segment of highway west of the bridge has been realigned and opened in December 2022.

Cache CreekA section of realigned highway west of the new Cache Creek Bridge

Dry Creek Bridge
The completed Dry Creek Bridge.

Segment length: 1.5 km
Construction: late 2020 to 2022

Complete: The newly constructed section of Highway 29 at Dry Creek includes a 1.5-kilometre-long realignment, and the construction of a 158-metre-long bridge. The Dry Creek bridge opened in September 2022.

Dry Creek - dual language sign
A dual language sign on the new Dry Creek Bridge.

Farrell Creek Bridge
The completed Farrell Creek bridge.

Segment length: 2 km
Construction: late 2020 to 2023

Complete: The original segment of highway at Farrell Creek will be covered by the new reservoir. The new alignment involves construction of a new bridge across Farrell Creek, which opened to traffic in October 2022.

Farrell Creek Bridge - dual language sign
A dual language sign on the new Farrell Creek Bridge

Current activities
  • Road construction, including grading and paving

Segment length: 3 km
Construction: early 2021 to 2022

Complete: While the original stretch of Highway 29 east of Farrell Creek will not be covered by the new reservoir, it may be more prone to erosion. So, we’ve relocated the highway north, outside of the impacted area. This section finished in 2022.

Farrell Creek East
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Segment length: 3 km
Construction: 2018 to 2023

Halfway River bridge
The new Halfway River bridge

Complete: In the Halfway River area, we've realigned Highway 29 and built a new bridge. This new segment of highway is three kilometres long, and the new bridge is one kilometre long.

The new Halfway River bridge opened to traffic in March 2023.

Halfway River bridge sign
A dual language sign on the new Halfway River Bridge

Current activities
  • Construction of the future Halfway River boat launch is underway.

Lynx Creek Bridge
The completed Lynx Creek bridge

Segment length: 8 km
Construction: 2019 to 2023

Complete: The Lynx Creek segment was one of the longest sections of highway to be realigned. These eight kilometres of highway include a new bridge, which opened in November 2022, as well as a causeway and embankment.

Lynx Creek bridge sign
A dual language sign on the new Lynx Creek Bridge