BC Hydro Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund

As part of the Site C Agricultural Mitigation and Compensation Plan, BC Hydro has established a $20 million fund to support agricultural production and related economic activity in the Peace Region.

The BC Hydro Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund is governed by a regional decision-making board, responsible for overseeing the management and disbursement of the fund.

The 10-member board is comprised of six members that are appointees of regional agricultural associations or the Peace River Regional District (PRRD), one member who is a Peace River Valley agricultural producer and three members-at-large.

The three members-at-large are all agricultural producers in the B.C. Peace Region and were appointed for different length terms, to ensure that one member-at-large position is open each year.

2018-2019 Board Members

Rick Kantz, B.C. Grain Producers Association
Heather Fossum, Peace River Forage Association of B.C.
Howard Goertz, Peace River Regional Cattlemen's Association
Connie Patterson, B.C. Breeder and Feeder Association
Blair Hill, Peace Region Forage Seed Association
Angela Watson, Peace River Regional District
Gene Gladysz, member-at-large (one-year term)
Travis Winnicky, member-at-large (two-year term)
Malcolm Odermatt, member-at-large (three-year term)
Colin Meek, Peace River Valley agricultural producer (two-year term)

BC Hydro has appointed Northern Development Initiative Trust as the financial administrator of the Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund.

The board will work with the fund administrator to develop a strategic five-year plan, fund application packages and evaluation criteria, as well as a financial management plan.