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Site C Update #3: Tension crack on north bank of Site C dam site

Site C Update #3:  March 17, 2017

Remediation work is underway on the 400-metre tension crack

BC Hydro and its contractor are implementing a two-stage remediation plan for the 400-metre tension crack on the north bank of the Site C dam site. The plan includes the construction of a toe berm to hold the area stable. Construction of the toe berm is underway as planned and this work will continue through March and extend into April.

Completion of the toe berm will allow a second stage of the remediation to focus on safely removing the material from the north bank and allowing work to resume. Design is underway for this stage of work.

Safety is our top priority. We continue to monitor instruments, including survey prisms and inclinometers, and they show that the slope around the crack is stable. 

BC Hydro expects to complete the remediation work for the tension crack within the overall project budget and schedule.

As part of Site C construction, work has been underway for the past 19 months to remove unstable soil to create stable slopes for eventual dam construction. During the construction of a haul road to support this excavation work, a tension crack appeared. Tension cracks are not unexpected in this area; however, this particular crack requires attention due to its significant 400-metre length.

While there was some initial movement of soil, it has now stabilized. This area of unstable soil was already slated to be removed as part of engineering new stable banks for dam construction.

Additional Information

Information Sheet: North Bank Slope Stabilization


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