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Public advisory: Construction begins on 2.6 km of shoreline protection in Hudson's Hope

This week, BC Hydro will begin construction of a 2.6-kilometre-long berm along the shore of Hudson's Hope.

The berm – a large barrier made of riprap, rocks and gravel – will reinforce the shoreline and protect it from potential erosion once the Site C reservoir is filled. The berm begins on the shoreline of the Peace River on the western end of the town, and will extend downstream, past the municipal sewage treatment facility. Construction of the berm will continue until the end of 2022.

The next few weeks of construction will begin with the closure of D. A. Thomas Road and the lower portion of Portage Trail. Crews will mobilize to site, bringing materials and equipment to the area.

What to expect

Safety is our top priority and BC Hydro is working with the berm contractor to ensure work is planned and managed effectively.

Construction areas will be closed the the public, and security will be in place when work is not taking place.

Hours of work: Work will usually occur from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. Work outside of these hours may be needed.

Traffic: Trucks will regularly move riprap, rocks and gravel from the quarry at Portage Mountain to the work site, via Canyon Drive. Other construction traffic will also increase.

Equipment: A variety of heavy equipment will be used. These include different types of on-and-off-road trucks, excavators, loaders, vegetation clearing machines, and graders. Rescue boats will be in the river for safety purposes.

Impacts: There will be increased noise, dust and traffic in the local area. Crews will mitigate these impacts when possible. These include:

  • Applying water on work sites to reduce dust
  • Using white noise back up beepers
  • Installing noise barriers around generators
  • Avoiding vehicle idling

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