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Watson Slough: We're listening

In response to the 2017 request by the Peace River Regional District, we made changes to the clearing plan for Watson Slough, leaving approximately 90% of the trees in place until the winter before reservoir filling. Our revised plan has retained the wetland and its use by wildlife for a longer period of time.  

Watosn Slough

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Latest Information

Site C’s GO Fund supports food security and families in the Peace Region
BC Hydro is contributing more than $47,000 to support five Peace Region non-profit groups through the Site C's Generate Opportunities (GO) Fund.
Public advisory: Wood debris burning to take place on Site C project
BC Hydro will conduct its burning program in Site C project areas pending suitable venting and ground conditions.
Statement from BC Hydro on Site C project
The process to start reservoir filling on the Site C project will begin, on schedule, in 2024.