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12 Peace Region agricultural projects approved for funding

PEACE RIVER REGIONAL DISTRICT, B.C. – The BC Hydro Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund (PACF) board of directors has approved $383,714 in grant funding to support agricultural production and related economic activity in the Peace Region.

From $100,000 for the BC Grain Producers Association to conduct field research to $1,715 for a gardener in Taylor to construct a fence around an organic field, the varying projects will financially support 12 organizations and provide far-reaching benefits to the agricultural community and beyond.

Grants were approved through two funding streams:

  • Farming Infrastructure: 10
  • Research and Demonstration Initiatives: 2

Since 2018, more than $2 million has been approved through the PACF. The fund has two intakes each year with the next intake opening on July 31 and closing September 29, 2023.

Recipients include:

Bear Mountain Grazing Association (Dawson Creek): $28,860 to install approximately 3.7 kilometres of fencing around a community pasture on Crown grazing land. The community pasture annually has approximately 1,202 cattle that graze on the land between May and October, representing 10 ranches from the South Peace area. The new fencing will replace perimeter fences that were first constructed in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This investment will keep the livestock safely contained, protecting them and nearby motorists and residences.

Jedidiah Franklin (Peace River Regional District): $50,000 to build a pellet mill to produce organic alfalfa pellets to be sold as livestock feed. Before the project, Franklin produced and shipped alfalfa to Vancouver. By transitioning to providing pellets, the farm will reduce its fossil fuel footprint by approximately half as it takes less fuel to transport pellets. This will result in environmental and financial benefits for the proponent while delivering a new product to the Peace Region.

Julian Napoleon (Peace River Regional District): $28,320 to assist with investing in equipment such as a greenhouse and caterpillar tunnel to extend the growing season. Napoleon operates as an independent farm business start-up under a sole proprietorship structure on Amisk Farm on East Moberly Indian Reserve 169 (Saulteau First Nations). This project will allow Napoleon to capitalize on shoulder season marketing opportunities and the ability to produce high-value heat
loving crops, such as tomatoes, basil, peppers and pole beans, while positively contributing to food security in the region.

Peace Region Forage Seed Association (Peace River Regional District): $60,745 for the Peace Region Forage Seed Association (PRFSA) to build on and improve pest surveillance activities in the region. PRFSA will gather surveillance data on key pest species (insect, pathogen and invasive plants) for forages seed, forage, pulse, horticulture, oilseeds and grains. By improving longer-term data sets and enhancing producers’ capacity to forecast, identify, prepare and mitigate pest issues, this project will allow producers to adapt their operations more successfully in response to pest challenges.

Below is a complete list of all the projects that were approved in the eighth intake of the PACF:

Proponent Project Name Amount Committed
Jedidiah Franklin Alfalfa Pellet $50,000.00
Sunset Prairie Livestock Association SPLA North Line Fence Renovation $36,200.00
Kayla Read Pasture Fencing


Kelly Field Garden Fence


Gary and Kathy Ackles Sweetwater Greenhouse Constructoin


Matt and Lindsay Spenner Spenner Stackyard Enclosures


BC Grain Producers Association Peace Region Field Research Year Two


Bear Mountain Grazing Association BMGA Fencing 2023


Harvey Bahm Cattle Corral Upgrade


Julian Napoleon Amisk Farm Season Extension


Lindsay Katherine Routledge DBA Flat Cat Ranch Orchard Irrigation


Peace Region Forage Seed Association BC Peace Pest & Disease Surveillance



Rick Kantz, chair, BC Hydro Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund
“PACF is pleased to once again announce the approvals made from a robust application intake. As we head into the growing season, applicants can be assured of funding to support the work of improving their lands and production. These projects support the PACF’s vision to support the Peace Region’s opportunity for agricultural production and agrifoods activity.”

Bob Gammer, Site C Community Relations Manager, BC Hydro
“BC Hydro is committed to agriculture in the Peace Region. We’re excited to support these 12 projects centered on research and farming infrastructure, which will have a lasting impact on food production in the community.”

Joel McKay, CEO, Northern Development
“The funding committed through this intake will directly benefit a dozen organizations and indirectly benefit many other organizations and residents. Learnings from the research and
demonstration initiatives will benefit many growers and producers in the Peace Region and beyond. The farming infrastructure projects will increase growing productivity, improving the bottom line for growers and improving food security in the region.”

Talon Gauthier, area director, Bear Mountain Grazing Association
“Receiving this grant through the PACF allows Bear Mountain Grazing Association to invest in much-needed upgrades to the community pasture without financially burdening our members. The association realizes the need for new fencing to keep livestock safely contained on the pasture and prevent cattle from accessing neighbouring properties.”

Jedidiah Franklin
“Adding a pellet mill to our organic farm is an exciting endeavour and receiving a $50,000 grant helps to alleviate some of the financial stress associated with such an investment. This investment will return many benefits for farmers and the environment through the introduction of a new product from the Peace Region and reduction of fossil fuel usage.”

Justin Napoleon
“The Amisk Farm Season Extension project will support the development of key farm infrastructure. As a small-scale diverse market farm we identified a greenhouse and caterpillar tunnels as essential components of a profitable operation with the capacity to grow food on a community scale. The infrastructure will effectively double our growing season and open the doors to bringing new crops to our local farmers’ market.”

Talon Gauthier, general manager, Peace Region Forage Seed Association
“This research project for pest and disease surveillance in the Peace Region will continue to fill knowledge gaps that currently exist within the grain, oilseed, pulse, forage seed and forage industries. Specifically, it will provide insight into the impact and pest management strategies that are applicable to the area. The funding supplements financial support from both the PRFSA and the BC Grain Producers Association.”

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