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Public advisory: Site C conveyor belt system removal

We have started decommissioning the Site C conveyor belt system. The five-kilometre-long conveyor belt, which extends from the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands to the dam site, will be gradually removed over the winter through to next summer.

What to expect

Over the next few months, you may notice:

  • Construction traffic and equipment along the conveyor belt corridor.
  • Water trucks to reduce potential dust created during our work.
  • Conveyor components removal, including the fence along the conveyor corridor.
  • Temporary traffic management, such as advanced warning signs, reduced speed zones and traffic control personnel. Please obey signage and watch for workers when in the area.
  • Work conducted in the conveyor corridor is currently scheduled to occur seven days a week, generally from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until the system is removed. However, this could change as crews are re-allocated due to the project’s needs at site.

Restoring the area

Once the conveyor belt system has been removed, we will restore this temporarily disturbed area back to a pre-construction state.

Construction of Site C Clean Energy Project nears completion

The Site C conveyor belt system carried glacial till, an impervious clay-like material that forms the core of the Site C dam. The conveyor system was chosen as the primary way to transport these materials to reduce traffic on local roads, create fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and result in less noise and dust.

We announced substantial completion of the Site C earthfill dam on July 31, 2023. This is one of the essential milestones required before filling the Site C reservoir, which is the next major milestone in the project. With the substantial completion of the earthfill dam, the conveyor system is no longer required.

The project remains on-track to have all six generating units in service by 2025. Once complete, Site C will provide the equivalent amount of energy needed to reliably power about 450,000 homes, or 1.7 million electric vehicles per year in British Columbia.

We appreciate your patience and support

We acknowledge that conveyor belt operations may have been disruptive to our neighbours and we thank you for your continued patience and support as we work to finish the Site C dam safely.

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