Site C Employment Statistics – September 2022

The September employment statistics show there were 5,420 total workers on the Site C project. Of the total workers, 3,603 were from British Columbia, or 66%. 1,015 workers were on site from the Peace River Regional District – that’s 22% of the construction and non-construction contractor’s workforce.

Latest Information

Notification letter: Hudson’s Hope – Completion of the Shoreline Protection Berm and Portage Trail Reopening
We’re reaching the end of construction for the new shoreline protection berm.
Public advisory: Hunters advised to use caution in Site C project areas
For the safety of workers and the public, please do not hunt or discharge firearms in Site C project areas.
Public advisory: Delivery of a large mobile crane to Hudson's Hope
A large mobile crane is being delivered to our work area in Hudson's Hope as part of our work on the Hudson’s Hope shoreline protection berm. The crane is expected to arrive on or around Thursday, October 6, 2022.