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News and Information

The news and information section includes media releases, information sheets, field work notices and project videos about Site C.

Project Videos

Slope stability around the Site C reservoir

Site C videos | 2023

Construction tour | Spring 2023
Site C Boater Safety
Site C Highway 29 Realignment | Bridges
Site C Construction Tour | Winter 2023
Hudson’s Hope gathering space | Site C
Filling the Site C Reservoir
Site C Powerhouse | Turbine Runners

Site C videos | 2022

Site C Highway 29 Realignment | Farrell Creek
Hudson's Hope shoreline protection
Site C construction progress | Summer-Fall 2022
Site C Fish Habitat Enhancement
Site C Right Bank Enhancement
Site C Construction Tour | Spring-Summer 2022
Site C temporary fishway
Earthfill dam

Site C | 7 year anniversary

Site C videos | 2021

Highway 29 Cache Creek | December 2021
Inside the powerhouse | December 2021
Giant turbine runner arrives at Site C

Site C videos | 2020

Peace River debris boom installation
Site C construction progress | Fall 2020
Site C construction progress | Spring 2020

Other construction activities

River diversion milestone overview | October 2020
How river diversion tunnels work | October 2020
Building cofferdams and how they work | October 2020
How to manage river debris when building a dam | October 2020
How a temporary fish passage works | October 2020
Site C river diversion visuals