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Submitted by Leila.Abutaleb on
Gastrointestinal virus infections at Site C worker camp

There is an outbreak of a gastrointestinal infection virus at the Site C worker accommodation camp. At this point, nine workers are affected - they are off work and will not return to work until cleared by medical personnel.

The worker accommodation camp has a dedicated medical clinic to keep any outbreak isolated from the surrounding community and the hospital and to ensure timely identification of any medical issues and the ability to quickly implement a professional medical response.

We are contacting First Nations communities and the environmental health officer for Northern Health has been alerted.

Control measures are being implemented at the worker lodge, based on established guidelines. This includes notifying workers at the camp about an outbreak and promoting hand-washing and the importance of reporting illness.

Enhanced cleaning of common touch surfaces is being conducted and the medical clinic will continue daily monitoring of existing conditions and any new cases.

Workers at the camp are being provided with current information. All workers should contact their employer if they have any questions about the situation.