Site C jobs

Employment on the Site C project has been increasing as construction activities ramp up. The latest job numbers show that there were 1,805 workers on the project in June and 1,494 (83%) were from B.C.

Project health clinic open at Site C dam site

BC Hydro has an agreement in place to provide Site C workers with access to primary and preventative health care and work-related injury evaluation and treatment services.

Site C Employment Statistics - July 2017

Site C Employment Statistics

The latest employment statistics show that there were 2,549 total workers on the Site C project in July 2017. Of the total workers, 2,059 were from British Columbia, or 81%.

BC Hydro issues Request for Proposals for construction of the Site C project transmission lines

Site C viewpoint is now open

Site C viewpoint

The Site C viewpoint is now open on the north bank of the Peace River above the dam site. This viewpoint gives visitors an opportunity to watch Site C construction activities from a safe distance.

Site C viewpoint

Gastrointestinal virus at Site C dam site

Site C and Agriculture

BC Hydro recognizes the important role that agriculture plays in the Peace River region. As part of the environmental assessment process, BC Hydro studied the potential effects of the Site C project on the region's agricultural industry.