Site C jobs

Employment on the Site C project has been increasing as construction activities ramp up. The latest job numbers show that there were 1,805 workers on the project in June and 1,494 (83%) were from B.C.

Project health clinic open at Site C dam site

BC Hydro has an agreement in place to provide Site C workers with access to primary and preventative health care and work-related injury evaluation and treatment services.

Site C Employment Statistics

The latest employment statistics show that there were 1,974 total workers on the Site C project in October 2017. Of the total workers, 1,607 were from British Columbia, or 81%.

Site C Employment Statistics - August 2017

Site C Employment Statistics - July 2017

BC Hydro issues Request for Proposals for construction of the Site C project transmission lines

Site C viewpoint is now open

Site C viewpoint

The Site C viewpoint is now open on the north bank of the Peace River above the dam site. This viewpoint gives visitors an opportunity to watch Site C construction activities from a safe distance.

Site C viewpoint

Gastrointestinal virus at Site C dam site